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Antiwear Group, as a leading valve manufacturer, supplies full ranges of industrial valves: ball valve, butterfly valve, plug valve, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, piston valve, regulating valve, rotating disc valve and so on, that are widely used at refinery, oil & gas, power generation, water treatment, petrochemical, urban construction, paper & pulp, pipeline transferring and other field, especially at critical service including high pressure, high temperature, high frequency operating, multi-phases medium, erosive medium, corrosive medium, crystallized medium and other special requests in all industries especially at silicon industry, coal gasification, petrochemical, hydrometallurgical industry, etc. The performance of above valves supplied by Antiwear is appreciated by more and more end users in the world.

Antiwear DO TRUST being honest is not only a character but also a life and working attitude. With rapid developing, “It’s reliable” has become a gene of Antiwear Group, which means: reliable product, reliable people and reliable service. Antiwear Group has completed QA/QC system & certifications, and has got approval of many certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO14000, ISO18000, TS, API6D, API607, ISO15848, PED, API6A, etc.

The workshops of Antiwear Group are located in Suzhou, Wenzhou and Shanghai of China. Moreover Antiwear has localized warehousing, sales and distributing system worldwide. Quick response to the need of user is achieved by the Internet+ production and APP system. We hope, through our great effort, help you enjoy good life.
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