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ATW was invited to the fifth coal to MEG Conference

Release time:2014-07-28 | Attention:5024

The fifth coal to MEG conference in April 23, 2014, held in Fujian Xiamen. Many international and domestic ethylene glycol process business, using units, engineering and other related technology company more than 200 enterprises, industry development, process technology characteristics, operation and related technology, carried out extensive and in-depth exchanges.

Antiwear (Suzhou) Industrial Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the meeting, and during the operation process of the plant due to the valve problem affected the long period operation of problems do entitled "special report on application status of coal chemical industry working conditions of valve and solutions".

Suzhou ATW valve limited company in view of oxygen / nitrogen shut-off valve of the unstable product quality problems, some imported products life only a few days; import brand of a gleam of oxygen valve products have quality problem, combined with Antiwear (Suzhou) Industrial Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. online dozen customers, nearly 100 Taiwan use, 4 years of operating experience, promotion of Suzhou ATW Valve Co., oxygen valve is described from design, materials, processing, packaging, and other links, won the participants resonance; common in coal chemical gasification of coal lock hopper, the ash lock hopper and the corresponding balance valve and other key the valve using time of 4-8 months, Antiwear (Suzhou) Industrial Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has aroused widespread concern in real life 4 years; the slag lock, lock hopper emptying valve, vent valve lock slag, pulverized coal flow regulating valve, angle valve pulse valve Blackwater, clean, chilled water pump and the filter inlet and outlet valve etc. the long period operation, control the coal chemical enterprises, proposes the use of double disc valve and many other constructive opinion, its valve greatly improves the service life of the actual use of industry in the above Performance, by the warm response from the participants.

Antiwear (Suzhou) Industrial Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. through a lot of practical use performance, explain profound theories in simple language to explain the professional, detailed, reliable solutions has been the participants attention and enthusiastic response.

"To help you enjoy a better life", is the Suzhou ATW valve limited company objectives and responsibilities, is the vast number of chemical enterprises expectations!
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