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The fifth SNG technology economic research will be held this month

Release time:2016-04-23 | Attention:5080

In 2014 April, the State Council issued the "Notice of the establishment of security of natural gas supply mechanism", to 2020 the supply of natural gas will reach 400000000000 cubic meters of natural gas, increase policy support, the orderly development of coal gas and demonstration projects. Coal gas is becoming an important part of Chinese gas supply.

Before 2011, China a total of 4 coal gas project won the national development and Reform Commission approval, a total capacity of 15100000000 / year. With Qinghua Yili and Datang Keshiketeng a demonstration project successfully put into production, coal gasification technology has been verified. In recent years, the national development and Reform Commission to speed up the pace of coal gas project approval.

Early 2013 to 2014 April, a total of 17 new projects of coal gas by the national development and Reform Commission pass allowed to carry out preparatory work, mainly located in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi and Anhui. These projects with a total capacity of 77200000000 / year, a total investment of over 400000000000 yuan, will bring a huge market opportunity for the related technology, equipment and engineering service provider.

Coal gas project ushered in the good development opportunity at the same time, also faces various challenges. Most of the coal gas products need to enter the pipeline, the pipeline will cost is the key to the economy of project. In addition, large-scale coal chemical project construction and operation management of matching talent reserve, gasification of coal and stable supply, water resource, ecological environment permits, carbon emission reduction pressure, peak shaving facility is coal gas project investors need to seriously deal with the problem.

ASIACHEM will organize the fifth coal to SNG conference will be held in 2014 June 25-27 day in Hunan held in Zhangjiajie. The conference will explore the SNG industry policy and national standards, prospect of price and transportation supply and demand China, natural gas, coal gas demonstration project operation experience and regulating strategy, advanced technology integration and innovation, efficient utilization of coke oven gas of SNG and LNG, the development potential of the potential competitive products - shale gas, as well as SNG vice product optimization etc.. Antiwear (Suzhou) Industrial Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. will attend the meeting by the chairman delivered "oxygen valve in thematic speech application" of coal chemical industry.
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