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Congratulations! Antiwear help Minghua Group’s Clean Coal Gasification Project Operated SmoothlyG

Release time:2017-09-13 | Attention:4466

Recently, the ShandongMinghua group sent great news to Antewear: They used clean coal gasificationtechnology to achieve enterprise transformation and upgrading project startupprogram, gasifier main burner ignition success and produce qualified productsat a time. As a device of the valve supplier, Antiwear, again through thestrict test proved the safety and reliability of the valve, won the customer'sthank and praise! 

Minghua chemicalgroup clean coal gasification project with a total investment of nearly 2.8billion yuan, the project construction began in early 2015, is complete by theend of 2016, has realized the full sequence control chain allputting-in-service proactively and stable operation. The project has importantstrategic significance for Minghua group’s innovation and development mode, setup the "new three high" bearing platform, is also speed up thetraditional coal chemical industry to modern coal chemical industry transformation,realize the industrial transformation and upgrading of major initiatives, italso get the government's attention. At the end of 2015, in the public biddingof this project, through many domestic experts, Antiwear valve successfully getproject of 24 double disc valve, 9 slide valve supply contracts, the device ofthe coal lock hopper valve, pulverized coal lock hopper balancing valve adopts Antiweardouble disk valves. 

Here, Antiwearvalve all the staff warmly celebrate the Minghua chemical group clean coalgasification project smoothly!

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