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Antiwear supply Platform Is launched, The First Single Purchase Takes Only 6 MinutesP

Release time:2017-08-23 | Attention:4501

On August 17, 2017, the supply platform building by theantiwearvalve company is launched, and successfully completed the first singleprocurement task with only 6 minutes!

10.15am 0 second, purchase demand by the ERP system,through the data transmission interface to the supply platform

10.15am 30 seconds The system automatically releasepurchasing demand information

10.20am 30 seconds Supplier to submit quotation

10.21am 0 seconds Platform autofilter suppliers,procurement process is complete, order take effect! 

The antiwearvalve’s supply platform is one of theimportant measures to build Internet + factory, Through the mobile commerce,big data and cloud computing technology, such as integrated supplier accessmanagement, supplier evaluation, and supplier online bidding, quotation andpurchase order management and tracking function. This means that the manualoperation order processing procedure, supplier management process in the past willbe completed by the system with a one key quickly, this may not only avoid theprevious existence of problem such as omission, delay, not objective, but alsogreatly improve the efficiency of order processing, to the valve buyers toprovide faster, more high quality service, this is also the core content of theglobal rapid response system. As a leader in the field of designing andmanufacturing a full range of industrial valve, antiwearvalve group has alwaysbeen committed to build information sharing, cooperation and win-win businessecosystem. Therefore, antiwearvalve supply platform will become the industry'sfirst open platform, through comprehensive supply chain upstream anddownstream, to form the advantage of group purchase.

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