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Jiangsu Valve Association experts committee was established and the Jiangsu valve industry development and technology seminar held in Yangzhou

Release time:2016-04-23 | Attention:4400

April 29th ~ 30, Jiangsu Province valve industry Association technical expert committee was established and the Jiangsu valve industry development and technical seminars in the beautiful scenery of the Yangzhou people held in the Kokusai Hotel, the general manager, from Jiangsu Valve Association experts commission members and corporate members of the vice president, chief engineer, technical department responsible person, and Chinese Valve Association Song Yinli, Secretary General of Jiangsu Provincial Commission by letter equipment office deputy director Wang Yun, China Shenhua coal oil Lin Hui engineering and Chinese petroleum and Natural Gas Pipeline Technology Research Center Co Ltd Lin Song engineers and end users and experts, institutions of higher learning in Jiangsu relevant departments responsible for a total of 140 people attended the meeting.

The conference by the Secretary General of the association of the valve industry in Jiangsu province Chen Jianping presided over the first long, Yangzhou power equipment repair factory director Cai Junzhi welcome speech. The meeting the first item on the agenda: the establishment of the Jiangsu Valve Association experts committee and issuing ceremony, ATW company deputy general Yan Qi Bin as valve Association experts attended the meeting, and sponsorship of the conference gifts. Then, China Valve Association Secretary General Song Yinli to do China valve market and development trend of localization of the valve, as well as the development of Jiangsu valve industry trend of speech. He analyzed the development situation of the valve industry in China, and makes brief analysis on the Jiangsu valve industry in domestic proportion, he believes that the Jiangsu valve industry has become the domestic valve industry's main valve "province", China's valve products high-end important manufacturing bases, is also a big province, the largest domestic valve sales income, leading enterprises are concentrated, the valve most economic big province. He hoped that Jiangsu valve enterprises to enhance brand awareness, continue to build Jiangsu valve brand advantages, further expand domestic and foreign markets. The manufacturing base of Jiangsu valve to do more, to further play the role of the association, the association of cohesion force, promote valve technology level; strong Jiangsu valve industry strength, continue to walk in the forefront of the country! At the same time to play a positive role in the localization of the valve gear, get more involved in the localization in the ranks of the valve assembly.

The meeting was the second item on the agenda: "development of Jiangsu valve industry and technology seminar" seminar on major issues, conduct special seminars and exchanges around the Jiangsu valve industry and technology, invite the terminal user, valve manufacturing equipment suppliers, made a wonderful speech communication.

The theme of the meeting focused on technology and development of the valve industry, valve industry is the first technical exchange activities, causing the valve industry leadership, inside and outside experts and technical engineering staff enthusiasm, also achieved great success.
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