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Yandang Mountain 2 day tour.

Release time:2016-04-23 | Attention:5024

At the end of the first quarter of 2014 busy work, ATW the company organized a "similar to Yandang Mountain" as the theme of tourism activities, the whole trip is 2 days.

7 April 12th morning, all my colleagues sitting on the tour bus to the Yandang Mountain, the scenery along the way is also a panoramic view of Suzhou, it was rainy, Zhejiang is the blue skies. Yandang Mountain in the territory of the southeastern part of Zhejiang province Yueqing County, is one of China's famous mountains. "Gangding lake, reed problems, straw to swing, autumn Yan Su, Gu name for Yandang Mountain. Yandang Mountain scenery Sanjue there, known as the "two spirits: a" two spirit refers to the scenic Lingfeng, Yeongam area; one is the great dragon pool waterfall.

The first attraction to arrive was Yongchu waterfall, along a stream clear streams, serpentine. The road, be the most changeful mountain peaks, rocks of different scenery, people dizzying. The path winds along mountain ridges., suddenly into a small world. I saw a slender falls from the air flowing. Fall in front of the lung Qiushui falls since the risk high source, starting just a thin water column, hastily, broken airborne, fly to the half, the water column gradually dispersed, to the slightest mist Piaomiao, like autumn rain, pour in a pool of water, a few colleagues umbrellas, rushed into the waterfall, waterfall splash.

Seven in the evening we went to the scenic Lingfeng, at this time is Jaleo, all come to Yandang Mountain tourism, have gathered here. Through the hazy night, far see form mountains, in the fuzzy as a black and white landscape painting, exudes a burst of mystery. In the guide under the guidance of the crowd, we move. Standing on the peak of the hospital, with the tour guide and looked up, eyes of the peaks, or like a giant eagle, as if about to face pressure, alarming momentum! A mobile location, the tour guide should we back to back up the Mountain Eagle standing, watching. The wonderful vision appeared, I saw a fierce Eagle has become a plump towering breasts. Out into the yard look back, double peak changed again, this time has become the most representative of the landscape of Yandang Mountain -- the peak couples!

The second day early in the morning we came to the scenic area, scenic area has a built in the Song Dynasty temple, in front of the temple gate by the Tianzhu peak and show Qifeng two seats up to two hundred and sixty, seventy meters high Kyoho formation, two peak spacing in 200 meters. In between the two peaks, was installed a chain. We are at the foot of the mountain and many tourists to drink tea, watching from the ground three hundred meters high altitude tunicoides performance, is really exciting!

13 days afternoon, everyone be reluctant to part set foot on the return path, the trip is coming to an end. The trip we harvest is not only photos, souvenirs, more is to increase the affection between the colleague, cooperation, enhance the company's team spirit, cooperation spirit, promote corporate culture.
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