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ATW Company Obtained The National Work Safety Supervision Bureau Of Safety Production Standardization Certificate

Release time:2016-04-23 | Attention:4907

A judging panel of experts in 2013 mid December Wujiang FenHu security the security line of 4 people, 1 day safety evaluation work of Atwe, according to the audit group of experts on-site audit and file system strictly, ATW the end with outstanding achievements through the national safety production standardization review 2014 April, FenHu security to ATW issued safety production standardization certificate.

Held in the safety assessment at the end of the meeting, the expert review group agreed that, ATW safety management personnel to meet the requirements of the administration of production safety equipment, complete production equipment, facilities maintenance, good management, good safety performance, establish the basic safety production standardization system, realize the effective operation, and can make continuous improvement, to achieve the national enterprise safety production standard score requirements, through on-site review.

The smoothly through the standardization of safety inspection standard, not only the ATW safety work affirmation, also provides more systematic, more standard, more detailed, more strict management basis for safety management work in the future.
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