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Jiangsu Valve Association Secretariat visited the Suzhou portion of member enterprises valve

Release time:2016-04-23 | Attention:5314

December 5th - 6 day, Jiangsu Valve Association Secretariat visited Suzhou Antiwear (Suzhou) Industrial Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Wujiang Dongwu Machinery Co., Ltd., Suzhou visa Valve Co. Ltd., Kunshan dnice Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd., had visited Suzhou Peng Han Machinery Co., Ltd., Suzhou Yize Machinery Co. Ltd., and Suzhou light valve Co. ltd.. The main field to understand the development of the member enterprises, production status and product structure and enterprise.

During the visit, Jiangsu Valve Association Secretariat Sheng Genlin's main leaders have with these members of the exchange forum, on one hand, conveyed the spirit of Jiangsu valve association work conference held recently, informed the development situation of Jiangsu valve industry. On the other hand, the understanding of the development of these member enterprises production and sales enterprise, to learn about the product structure of these enterprises workshop, as well as the factory and production processing and assembly areas; and discussed the development of next year's industry trends and the principal leaders of enterprises, some problems and countermeasures and industry. To understand Suzhou these enterprises although the environmental impact of large, individual business declined, but the overall production is stable, this year and the recent production task basic enough, and some enterprises still contrarian up about 10-15%. Although some enterprises, once the temporary difficulties, but confidence in the development of the valve entity is adequate, are actively adjust product structure, develop new products, seek new economic point of growth, to ensure the smooth development of enterprises.

In a visit to the rapid development of Suzhou ante valve limited company, this learned from the company's general manager Wu Junyong and deputy general Yan Qi Bin: the company in recent years rapid development speed, the formation of scale mass production from the start and set up factories, has more than six years, has developed into a special valve size enterprises as a considerable development potential, the new plant covers an area of 40 acres, is Suzhou valve industry into a "dark horse", research and production of them devoted to wear and high temperature valve valve special valve, valve made a lot of application in China's coal chemical industry Chinese industrialization projects, achieved fruitful results, expected 2013 annual sales value of about 100000000 yuan, but next year's orders valve is also more optimistic, expected full year 2014 production value amounts to 200000000 yuan, to be doubled this year, product order mostly coal chemical industry.

During the visit, is located in Wuzhong District Mudu Jinqiao Suzhou Peng Han Machinery Co., Ltd., is a professional production of special material valve company, do fine in the special material valve professional, professional production of various special material valve, also made a special valve products, the child is father of the man, and won a new market, out of the same. To expand the development road. Company chairman Shen Zongjian introduction: at present their valve with special materials, the main material for titanium, nickel, zirconium and copper alloy and other special materials, the main products include various types of ball valve, butterfly valve, globe valve, gate valve, check valve and other valves require special material valve, the valve is based on the special material special media design, can meet the requirements of high temperature and high pressure and low temperature, and alloy, corrosion, easy crystallization and medium containing particles and harsh working conditions. Because of the different media, the special material valve plays an important role, but also some important special valves required for the project. Special material valve products in addition to domestic sales, but also exported to foreign countries, we have been to Italy and other countries supporting the production, at present the proportion of annual sales to grow about 15% than the previous year, also maintained a growth trend year after year, out of a wide road in the special valve.

Wujiang Dongwu Machinery Co., Ltd. since Suzhou Neway valve Limited by Share Ltd after the acquisition, safety valves sales are way up, adhere to the brand development road, 2013 annual sales is expected to nearly billion yuan, the production performance in peer safety valve in China is still a one column.

During the visit, come to is located in Suzhou Kunshan Jinxi Suzhou Weisa Valve Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the valve products in foreign trade companies, who after 15 years of development, large open the international market, the production of valves are exported abroad, main target for the global energy industry and fluid control services, business development is rapidder, sales in 2013 amounted to 1. 500000000 yuan or so, than going up year of growth 10%, is quite a development potential of the valve business entities, but also the expert of high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu province. According to company chairman Zong Cheng introduction: at present, the company mainly to undertake Europe terminal customer orders valve, valve products is mainly undertake the ball valve, the high-end valve products is the terminal user. According to the European and American customers strict product quality requirements, adhere to high standards, strict quality assurance system, do a good job in every batch of valve products, with quality and quality to win the trust of users, the ball valve products is quite fine, not only professional maturity, and continuous improvement, make the products reach the world first-class valve professional quality level, also won a reputation for quality to ensure that the business of export, and customers are increasing year by year, also brought the steady development of enterprises and improve. Visa valve is a professional production of various kinds of high temperature and high pressure and special valve ultra-low temperature, as the international terminal project supporting the supply of customers, to jointly create a harmonious sustainable development of the world.

Kunshan dnice Valve Manufacturing Co. Ltd is in a new valve company Kunshan Kun valve limited company sold after the enterprise at present, professional production of various kinds of switch off all kinds of high pressure valves, the new chairman of Zhejiang Wenzhou young entrepreneur Tang Zhilun, they pass through the internal product structure adjustment, will take the new journey on the valve body industry.

Suzhou light valve Co., Ltd. is a professional production of ball valve products manufacturers, is also engaged in API6A products, general manager of the company to Zhu wei.

At the same time, Jiangsu Valve Association Secretariat in late November, also visited the Wuxi Xishan Valve Factory Co., Ltd., Wuxi valve factory, tin valve industry (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., Wuxi member companies. With the Wuxi film these business leaders made the exchange forum, the three enterprises sales also smooth, sales are still maintained a good development level. Some half business enough, the second half of the year business impact and reduce. Some small castings manufacturers business light, facing the situation of reduction of output.

Jiangsu Valve Association Secretariat visited Suzhou tablets to know, 2013 is the past, although each member enterprise development is not balanced, but the overall situation is still possible, the environmental impact of large, Suzhou valve industry is in a weak state, although does not change radically, but enterprises are also facing rising production cost, some practical the staff recruitment difficulties and shortage of talent development, through these enterprises to overcome, grasp the nettle, adjust development ideas, business or win development and improvement. From Suzhou visited the A, in the peer competition is quite fierce, only to join rebels, to the high-end and special valve products development, otherwise the enterprise will develop the slowly, benefits decline, or the industry suffered eliminated situation. Only to upgrade, enterprises can be out of the new road, realize the innovation of science and technology, in order to promote the steady development of enterprises and improve the situation, in order to maintain exuberant development.
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