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Antiwear Starts Ameba Management Reform

Release time:2016-05-18 | Attention:4799
At the beginning of 2016 Antiwear starts Ameba management reform. Antiwear introduces Huawei Company’s “customer-centric” philosophy into new reform called Ameba Management. According to reform route each department will become independent profit center depending upon sales volume and profit data base.

Machining Workshop Department became the first unit to carry out reform. Annual cost of the department was distributed proportionally. Moreover, management right was decentralized in order to encourage all workers. Management result will be linked to each worker. That means industrious workers will share the profits with the company. It’s been testified to be successful after one season running.

Now all departments of the company launched the reform of Ameba model, predict to be finished by the end of May.

Antiwear hopes to establish real “customer-centric philosophy and system” through Ameba Management reform. Let each employee to become master of his own and the company. As a result the company and all employees will be bound together to approach win-win target.
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